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KONEX s.r.o.

About us

The company KONEX s.r.o. was founded on December 2, 1992. Since its foundation the company has been producing products for railway industry primarily, expecially wear resistant manganese plates made of the material X120Mn12, side bearers, pins, wear resistant cases etc. The production plant is located in the village of Trakovice, near Hlohovec. Nowadays, the company is dedicated to the production of wear resistant plates and other parts of railway wagons, as well as to the services of material cutting and induction hardening. KONEX s.r.o. accomplishes the certification of The International Standard for Quality management (ISO 9001:2015). The company is a stabil and reliable partner for international companies in the whole Europe and cooperates with all the main companies on railway industry. High quality cooperation, innovations, responsible approach and reliability are the main principles od our company.


For the production of wear resistant plates, the company KONEX s.r.o. is using the material X120Mn12. The material X120Mn12 is high alloyed austenitic steel with a manganese content of 11-13%. This material is specific for its abrasion resistance,  and increase of its hardness at mechanical stress up to 55 HRC. It is hardened at the production up to 32-40 HRC so that the final product fulfils the standard UIC 893-0. The company cooperates with the first-rate European suppliers to provide high-quality products. For bushes, pins and push buttons company uses material C45 or C55, for push buttons mainly 20MnCr5.

CNC lathes

The company is using DOOSAN CNC lathes fot he production of pins, cases and other rotation products. These Corean lathes are characterized by their high quality, accuracy and productivity of work. High-quality tools, managing system and operation system of the machine provide high quality and serial production. In 2019 and 2020 company buy another machines. It nearly doubles their production potential.

Vertical machining centres

The company is using MAS vertical machining centres for the production of non-rotation parts, such as upper and lower slide unit, manganese plates and others. Machines of this brand are characterized by the quality and accuracy.

Circular finishing and drying vibrators

To provide high-quality surface of the finished products, as well as for edge deburring, KONEX is using circular finishing and drying vibrators. The finished products are rehashed in circle vibration barrels and edges are deburred by abrasive stone. For drying and polishing of products, corn pulp of some fraction is being used.